SPHERE is an image archive project.

SPHERE concerns itself with Abstraction - it collects and presents material from the practices of those who employ modes of it in some way. SPHERE has no editorial content. It is a graphic project, constituted only by the original submissions of its contributors.

As an archive, SPHERE exists in two forms:
1. An online index of documented submissions.
2. A printed and collated photocopy book as well as in varying exhibition formats.

The submissions that constitute SPHERE may originate from artists who occupy differing spaces, places and timeframes. SPHERE aims to bring an international community of artists and their work together into a shared space of experimentation and reflection.

The project engages with the notion of the archive as a collection of gestures based upon the present, recorded in printed form and combined into a historical index. SPHERE presents any one individual submission through the lens of all others that have come before it in the project.

SPHERE forms a map of a de-centred artistic community, aiming to include and expand, to collect and re-present in perpetuity.

SPHERE is an evolving project that exists in multiple formats.
SPHERE is the sum total of the community that constitutes it.
SPHERE will, by its own nature, grow in diversity and nuance.

SPHERE has no set end.